MonsieurM is a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in Kent, in the UK. He has been teaching languages in the UK state sector since 2009 and is committed to sharing his practice, as well as learning groundbreaking techniques from colleagues around the world.

The aim of this blog is to enable Modern Languages teachers from different corners of the globe to share innovative ideas, theories and resources for use in MFL lessons. The posts will be short and sharp, just to provide some ideas you may not have thought of. If you’d like more detail or have some ideas of your own, please feel free to post a comment, and share your experience!

2 responses to “About

  1. Bonjour!
    What an excellent website with lots of interesting activities and resources I am eager to try with my classes. May I ask if you use a particular textbook or scheme of work with your students? I see you work at a girls’ school (me too) have you got any particular pearls of wisdom about teaching young women? I trained in mixed school and I am finding working in a single sex environment a real change. I love the past tense to One Direction – I think this will go down well with year 8 for our last lesson before Christmas.
    Keep up the good work!
    All best wishes
    Hannah Moynihan

    • Bonjour Hannah!

      Thanks for your message – sorry it’s taken so long to reply.

      We don’t currently use a text book for French – I create the Schemes of Learning based on a logical progression through grammar. We will probably start using one next year (perhaps Expo) just to ensure students are able to practise their reading and listening skills as often as possible without creating too much work for teaching staff.

      As far as teaching girls goes, I don’t think there’s much difference to teaching young people in general! Just be fair, consistent, and caring!

      I hope 1D went well! Do let me know if you try anything else!


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