Six Steps to Outstanding

Trying to plan an Outstanding MFL lesson? Look no further!

Bob McKay

Last week we had a visitor at school. In fact we had four. But rather than that warm, fuzzy feeling you feel when your uncle, auntie and two cousins pop round for some mulled wine and a mince pie in the run-up to Christmas, the whole school drew a sharp intake of breath and waited for the pain: Ofsted were coming.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of those teachers who spirals into a whirlwind of panic, staying at school until 9pm and winding everyone else up with me. I know that I’m doing the things that Ofsted wants to see all year round, but not necessarily in every lesson all the time. You will understand my relief when the HMI gave me my feedback on her thirty minute observation: “that was definitely a 1”.

Outstanding & MFL

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on what makes…

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2 responses to “Six Steps to Outstanding

  1. Very useful for me, it puts things into perspective, I even share it with my department (FL) as we are working on differentiation at the moment. I am also particularly interested on phonics, do you think you could apply it to ks4? have you done it? It might be a good exercise in preparation to a speaking CA.

    • Absolutely! I even do it with KS5! And I don’t just use phonics before assessments – I try to get it into every lesson.

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